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Should I Repair or Replace My Storm-Damaged Fence?

Dec 20

One of the biggest challenges when rebuilding after a storm is what to do with damaged fences. Do you replace or repair it? It can be an expensive decision, especially in cases where the fence is severely damaged and will require extensive work. Here are some things to consider:

What does your insurance cover?

If your insurance covers damage to your fence, replacing it may result in greater coverage than repairing the existing fence. Be sure to check with your agent before you make any decisions about how to proceed. If your insurance doesn't cover fence damage, or if you don't have homeowners insurance, then repairing may be the only option available for bringing back your fencing. No matter what you do, it's important that you get proper documentation from a reliable source that proves the damage was caused by the storm.

What type of fence do you have?

Chain link fences can often be repaired relatively easily, while wooden fences may require more extensive work. If your fence is made from a durable material like vinyl or metal, it may be worth repairing rather than replacing.

How much will it cost to repair/replace?

Replacing a fence can be expensive, depending on the size and type of fence you have. Repairing a fence can also be costly but may be more affordable than replacement in some cases. It's important to factor in all of the costs associated with both options before making a decision.

Are there any permits required?

In some cases, permits may be required to replace or repair your fence. Check with the city and state before you begin any work, as it may affect your decision process.

What will happen if you do nothing?

If you don't take any action after a storm, this can put your home at risk for more damage and make it easier for someone to trespass on your property. This option is not recommended; however, there are situations where doing nothing is necessary. 

For example, if only a small portion of the fence was broken and it's located in an area that's hard to see from the street (or doesn't face a public sidewalk), then repairing or replacing it may not be worth the cost or effort. If this sounds like your situation, consider enclosing the area with a temporary fence or tarp until you can replace it.

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