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How to conceal a chain link fence?

Jan 26

To enjoy your outdoor space in peace, screening your mesh fence is an excellent solution. Screening, artificial hedge, green wall... There is no shortage of blackout types to dress up your fence and preserve your privacy while adding an aesthetic touch.

PVC screening slats

This is the blackout for rigid mesh with the best quality/price ratio. To weave between the meshes of your mesh fence, the PVC slats are perfect for protecting you from vis-à-vis. In rigid or flexible versions, they bring together many advantages such as resistance, affordable cost, and high concealment. Sold in a kit, the PVC slats are easy to install. All you have to do is customize your PVC screening system, choosing from the many colors available.

Wood slat blackout kit

If you want a natural and authentic look, the wooden concealment kit is for you. This mesh blackout not only protects you from prying eyes but also from wind and noise. Made from raw wood, the slats are treated by autoclave or THT for better durability and stability over time. You can also opt for Larch, a species of wood that is naturally resistant to weather and mold.

The woven fabric privacy screen

The woven fabric privacy screen comes in the form of a roll to be cut and fixed to your mesh fence. This type of blackout requires no maintenance and offers good blackout performance. It is available in several colors to match the decoration of your exterior. You will find fabric privacy screens with different blackout levels, from 80% to 100%, to suit your needs. We advise you to choose a quality screen fabric with locked mesh to prevent damage to the product.

Artificial hedges and artificial green walls

As practical as they are aesthetic, hedges and artificial plant walls perfectly imitate natural foliage and do not require special care. These are perfect blackouts if you don't have time to devote to the upkeep of your exterior, but you still want to aesthetically dress up your fence of greenery. Whatever the season, the green wall and the artificial hedge will remain green to create a small corner out of sight. Sold in panels, these artificial blackouts are very easy to install on both flexible grids and rigid panels.

100% natural concealment: heather heather

Endowed with several advantages such as robustness, ecology, ease of installation, and aesthetics, the heath is fixed on your rigid fence. This natural product, made from a plant, is 100% blackout and will blend perfectly into the environment. The heather is offered in 2 qualities for more choice and durability: a density of 8kg per m² for a semi-thick and 15kg per m² for a thick heath. In addition, if you opt for this dense heather, you will benefit from better sound insulation. 

Composite slats 

Enjoy a high-quality screening system with composite slats to be inserted into the mesh of your chain-link fence. If you are looking for a blackout with perfectly finished finishes and with foolproof resistance, this is the material you should turn to. Composite slats are easy to install. It does not deform with heat and does not discolor with time and UV. This blackout for rigid fences is more expensive, but its many qualities explain this.

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