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Bouddi National Park

May 7

About Bouddi National Park

The Bouddi National Park is a coastal national park in New South Wales, Australia. The 1,532-hectare (3790 acres) sanctuary contains some of the last remaining temperate rainforests on this part of the coast and Fletchers Glen provides an iconic outlook into its vast expanse from where you can see both seafaring ships at anchor or delicately navigating their way through intricate channels below while towering mountains loom overhead casting long shadows over them all like magic come alive before your very eyes!

Flora, the Park contains three broad categories of vegetation: heathland Eucalyptus forest and grassy woodland. Fauna The park is home to a wide diversity of animal life including microbats Greater gliders and other marsupials are found within this space where lace monitors green trees snakes water dragons exist too! Over 150 species of birds have been documented so far - some 15% more than expected for an area its size which leads researchers to believe there may be even greater biodiversity hidden beneath our feet.

Bouddi Park

What to do in Bouddi National Park

Bouddi National Park offers spectacularly diverse landscapes, plus the popular Bouddi Coastal Walk and annual Trail Run event. The beautiful park is only minutes from Woy Woy (serviced by a Sydney-Newcastle train line). Once you arrive by car or any other means of transport such as bus/bike it will be easy for your adventure in this serene natural environment with breathtaking scenery continue on foot through some amazing areas like "The Inland Sea" which has been documented internationally due to its uniqueness among Australian coastal reserves!

If you are looking for a scenic and peaceful getaway, then head out to Bouddi National Park. This national park offers one of Australia's first marine protected areas as well significant Aboriginal sites with guided tours available (guided timber calling). There will be unique animals from all around including some that can't even swim! You'll also find plant life such an amazing variety - think bugs like butterflies or grasses growing on hillsides near waterfalls where they lime trees grow tall into the sky...
A creamy tea may sound inviting after spending time exploring nature but don’t forget about those 10km bike trails if possible because this place doesn't rain.

Park in Bouddi

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