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The Many Ways to Care for Your Deck and Fence

Sep 13

Decks can become damaged over time. Let's discuss some possible fixes and problems.

Your deck can be affected by weather, the type of materials used and even insects. In a later post we'll discuss how to identify these issues. But for now, know that there are some factors that can cause deck problems outside of your control. However, materials and construction can be easily managed.

A well-maintained deck is a great addition to your home's appearance. However, over time, many factors can lead to wear and tear. Homeowners have two options: full replacements or deck repair.

Then, what do you do?

Fix & Stain Old boards

As long as the boards are sound, you can paint and Denver wood stain them again.

We had an old front porch that was looking shabby. The boards were in good condition, so we decided not to replace them. We sanded away any rough edges before having professionals re-stain it.

If your deck is 16 inches off the ground and your boards are not in the best shape, be careful about breaking them and being able to lift weights. Make sure to check the stability of the beams, joists, and base posts for cracks.

Warping, Chipping, and Parting Old Boards - Replace

It is possible to replace the entire deck by noticing a lot check, splitting, and board movement recessing nails. Screw hole corrosion can also indicate that you should be careful not to put too much weight on your deck. It is possible to poke the boards with an Awl or Ice Pick. Is it soft in many places? This is a clear sign that your board is suffering from water damage. If it was mine, i would replace it. At least the badly divided ones.

If the "splits," or "splits," aren’t very deep (mostly through the board), then it’s what is known as "checking". This is normal .... unfortunately. They aren't quite as deep as actual splits but can be very many. These deck boards can be used for many purposes if you use 5/4 x6 pressure-treated southern yellow pine deck boards.

You can check any grade of decking. The higher grades will have fewer defects and knots.

Make sure your professional who replaces the boards do a good job by creating a level deck, plumb railings, nice cuts, uses proper nails/screws/brackets all around. To improve the durability and longevity of my deck, I usually demand a better-quality wood.

Fix & Stain a Tight Budget

If you are tight on funds and cannot afford to replace the deck or all of the boards, it is worth looking into renting a local rental center. They will rent a "square bump" sander to give your deck a good sanding.

If the boards are fragile or feel soft, it is best to replace them. You can wood stain Denver or finish according to your choice.


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