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Find The Top Headlight Tint - US Tires and Window Tinting

Sep 23


There are many ways to protect your headlights. It is possible to protect your headlights with PPF (or perforated poly film). This offers greater protection from ultraviolet rays. It can also be found in a range of colors and shades, that range from light to mid-shade.

Find The Top Headlight Tint - US Tires and Window Tinting


To shield your eyes from sun damage and shield your vehicle from the harsh glare of your car's headlights you can apply a tint to your headlights. The XPEL window tint is made to block 99 percent of harmful UV radiation. The window film comes in different tints and colors to protect your car from elements.

The XPEL PREMIUM XR PLUS window tint will suit cars with large glass roofs. Glass roofs can offer ample interior space and an amazing view of the surrounding scene however, they could also cause a problem for those who wish to take in the scenery. XPEL window tint is an excellent way to safeguard your passengers, improve the interior's comfort and the safety of your passengers.

XPEL PRIME XR Plus car window tint blocks 99 percent of harmful UV rays with the use of a patent-pending ceramic film. It also deflects the heat of infrared by 98 percent and provides superior comfort in the interior.

MotoShield Pro ceramic film is able to be applied much faster than rolling film , and is also more robust. It is made of ceramic nanoparticles that block 99% of UV and infrared light, and also solar heat. MotoShield Pro ceramic films are available in many shades and colors. They can be used to shield cars and trucks, SUVs and minivans. It's simple to use and affordable for most vehicles.

MotoShield Pro

You can enhance the appearance of your front bumper and headlights appear more attractive by applying the MotoShield Pro tint. The top-quality ceramic film is simple to apply and comes in various widths and lengths. You can drive in safety and security because it blocks 99 percent of ultraviolet and infrared radiations. It's available in a assortment of sizes that suit minivans, minivans, cars and SUVs. It's reasonably priced and suitable for all vehicles.


The majority of cars today have solar roofs or panoramic glass roofs, which create an open space interior with a view of the sky. But these features can also have a drawback that sun's rays may be harmful to your passengers and cause the sun to burn up and create blinding reflections. XPEL PREMIUM window film protects your passengers from UV rays and improves the comfort of your interior.

XPEL Ultimate PLUS is coated with a special coating that is resistant to peeling, discoloration, and yellowing. It is composed of high-tech elastomeric polymers. It is also covered by a 10-year warranty that covers the film's color and durability. The warranty also covers the replacement of any damaged film, or paint protection film.

XPEL PREMIUM headlight film is available in many styles, including high-end vinyl, woven awnings, and window films that are decorative. These films are offered in 100-foot professional rolls and come in shades ranging from 15 to 75 VLT. These tints are designed to block 99% of UV and infrared rays.

XPEL PREMIUM headlight film also has hydrophobic properties which make it simpler to clean. Another advantage of this protective film is its invisibility. In addition, it offers a seven-year guarantee, which is significantly lower than the warranties provided by LLumar and SunTek.


XPEL is the best option if you want to make your headlights more stylish. The XPEL XR Prime headlight tint is custom-designed to match the tinting of the back of your vehicle. It has 88 percent IR heat rejection.

XPEL's ULTIMATE protection films are composed of advanced elastomeric plasticmers. It's able to withstand contamination and repair small scratches and swirl marks from everyday driving. It is applied by installers who are factory trained and ensures a precise alignment of features on the vehicle's surface. It wraps around the edges and makes it difficult to see at a distance.

XPEL offers interior protection and paint protection films. Tints are able to protect surfaces wrapped with vinyl and conceal scratches. They can also treat minor scratches when heated. They also come in designer and matte colors.

XPEL ULTIMATE film is a self-healing material that blends with factory or custom-designed paint. Moreover, it comes with a five-year warranty that eliminates the concern of road damage. After a year, conventional films may turn yellow or scarlet.


The XPEL Headlight Tint is a transparent and nearly invisible way to shield your lens from a variety of dangerous elements. The films are constructed of press-polished thermoplastic and advanced UV-inhibitors to ward off UV radiations and scratches. These films are strong and easy to put on by placing them over your lights and adhere with the 3M adhesive backing.

The film also self-heals and helps protect painted or vinyl-wrapped surfaces. It conceals minor scratches and swirl marks and can be used to restore matte paint finishes. This makes the film ideal for both daily drivers and weekend track racers.

XPEL DARK headlight tint is available in three shades: dark clear, medium and dark. This tint protects your headlights from UV rays and infrared heat, while also increasing visibility. The tint comes with an unlimited warranty that is guaranteed for as long as you own the car.

High-end automotive window tint can stop up to 99% UV rays. It protects against skin cancer, natural skin damage and premature aging caused by exposure to UV radiation. It also reduces the glare caused by snow and headlights.


XPEL Headlight Protectors are made of pressed polished thermoplastic that is cut to the exact dimensions of your light bulbs. They are simple to use and feature an anti-UV coating. They have been tested to avoid cracking of the lens, and are able to withstand up to 120 mph impact from stones. Easy to install, simply cover your lights with the backing of 3M.

XPEL STEALTH has a sheen that matches most factory matte paints. After installation, the film will virtually disappear completely from view. It is an excellent option for cars with matte surfaces. It can be used to cover swirls and scratches marks.

US Tires and Window Tinting offers many different colors and styles of window tinting to fit your vehicle. Our PRIME GL tint is our entry-level tint that offers a lot of UV protection as well as heat rejection. Nano-ceramic film from the company gives the highest UV protection as well as heat rejection. The film also bonds to the glass's surface, keeping it from shattering.

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film is virtually invisible and helps to prevent unsightly chipping and scratches. The Silver Package covers all of the front bumpers, the hood and the back of your mirrors. This provides additional protection of the most vulnerable components of your car. It's impervious to light scratches thanks to its advanced elastomeric components.

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